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I'm afraid you lost (the majority, anyway) :)
My mother had already planned to get me Wee Free Men as an unbirthday present (and am I the only person who can't see that name without thinking of the free church?), so my money got me Runrig - the BBC Session and The Science of Discworld II which I hadn't realised was out in paperback (and which is vaguely a new Pratchett book, I suppose, so you nearly won).

I managed to resist buying The Merlin conspiracy, because I don't want it so desperately that I can't wait until it comes out in paperback (which I prefer for both price and ease of reading).
I've got most of the newer Pratchetts in hardback because I keep getting them as presents, and the fourth Harry Potter and the two new Earthsea books because I just couldn't wait.... but in general I can :)

The CD seems nice enough but nothing special - nice to have, though, since it has one song I didn't have before and live versions of a few that I didn't have.
And there might be a copy of Long Distance - The Best of Runrig going free to a good home, since it came as the second CD in the set, and I already have one. I might even find a box for it if you ask very nicely ;)
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