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The plan for less tired might be working, a bit - I can look forward to the weekend with feelings other than doom, anyway!

I was stupidly tired at the beginning of the week, after a weekend which was always going to be crazy, but turned insane because I went into it still slightly ill - Runrig at the Barrowlands in Glasgow on Friday night, running walkthroughs on Saturday afternoon, SUSCDF in Aberdeen on Saturday night, after dance party, and Deacon Blue at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Sunday night...
All were good, but might have been even better with more energy to enjoy them.

So this week I've had two early nights, and not done an awful lot else - wandering round the Edinburgh Christmas market, and dem class on Tuesday.
Tonight is the last beginners' class of the semester - we've got one more week of dancing to come, but it's extended social. So I will be temporarily free of worrying about other people's dancing - not that the class hasn't been good.

The weekend before that was a different kind of adventure - running off to Oban and Mull and Kererra. It was actually quite restful - curling up time on the train, an early night, and a lot of wandering around in the fresh air - and the snow was lying on all the hills and everywhere inland, so it was beautiful - especially the ferry to Craignure, with the blue sea and the white hills all round.
But the descent back into reality and civilisation is never fun, and as soon as I got back to Edinburgh I came down with the cold and struggled through the next week never quite ill enough to be off or well enough to be right. Hence the leading into insane weekend and exhaustion.

This weekend I'm off to Cologne and Aachen for an extra adventurous Christmas adventure, hopefully involving very long sausages in very short rolls and crepes with zimt (which is not at all like senf) and Kölsch and and morning walks by the Rhine with interesting boats going past, and other such german things - and maybe even some christmas shopping.
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