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I have a hypothesis that there are actually only about 15 Danish folk tunes - because I only have 2 CDs by Danish bands, and some of the tunes are the same.
Anyway, Baltic Crossing - who are actually a sort of Danish/Finnish/English mix, and were part of a concert I went to see at Celtic Connections on Friday - are good, and if you like folk-y, fiddle-y music (which I do), you should try it.
(You can listen to samples of the cd on Amazon)

But my hat is still lost, and that is Celtic Connections' fault too.

Last night I was playing Agricola, which is a game where you are trying to build up your farm over turns, and there is never enough time to do everything, and the end of the round keeps coming round too soon. (It is good. But frustrating.)
And I decided that my life is like that too - the weeks keep running round, and there are always things I need to have done for a particular day, and other things I want to do, and squeezing it all in gets complicated, and I forget to do the things I meant to do*. Which is a roundabout way of saying that Thursday sneaked up on me (again) and I have not planned tonight's class, nevermind all the other things I meant to do this week.

I am sending away for a card to prove that I am over 18. This should not be necessary.

*Realising a round later that I had been planning for ages to do something entirely different from what I actually did seems to be a theme of my Agricola playing.
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