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I seem to have been very quiet lately - I was properly can't-do-anything-or-go-anywhere ill for three days a couple of weeks ago - very rare for me - and catching up with work and life and the rest of the world seems to have taken a lot of energy since then.

Before I was ill there was Celtic Connections - which I have not written about, despite my resolutions, but then I've not written about my resolutions either - and then there was New Scotland's annual dance, which is why I got ill (a lot of us did), but it was worth it.
And since then I have been working and teaching and dancing and learning german and killing monsters (ancient computer games are my equivalent of daytime tv, once I'm in the recovering stage).

Saturday was the Newcastle Festival, and it was good, and we danced well, and the mixed team (which was not my team) came 3rd equal in their class, and it was fun but exhausting, and I don't seem to be properly recovered yet.
On Sunday we played games.

(My keyboard has suddenly gone american, and I don't know why)

In between I have been planning adventures.
Apparently I am going to Spring Fling - the rscds haven't sent me a letter yet, but they have taken my money...
And even before that there's IVFDF, and at Easter I am going to Denmark with my family.

In May I am going on the Waverley, and I was trying to plan an adventure to North Uist and Harris in the long weekend, until I discovered that although our summer dance has had to move week, the long weekend has sneakily moved again to match it, which makes fitting in big adventures difficult.

And in June I am going to Norway to wander on the west coast, and in July I am going to Oslo to see Lillebjørn Nilsen :)
(Hopefully. No tickets yet...)
Then I come back from that to plunge straight into the Dunedin Festival, which for once doesn't clash with Tarbert fair - and then to Tarbert I think in the first week of August.

Maybe I am too adventurous...

(Now as mysteriously unamerican)
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