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It's been a busy week, although a short one workwise.

Exam delivering, walkthrough and summer dance on Saturday. Sunday had the 17. Mai service (I missed the parade) in Princes Street Gardens, the NS barbecue at Portobello beach (most notable for time spent in the sea - freezing but amazing), and the Master and Commander group watch - very geeky, and amazingly good fun.

Then off to Skye very early on Monday, via Inverness and Kyle of Lochalsh - my second favourite train journey in the world (although I admittedly haven't been in very much of it) - a while in Portree, out to the Black Rock, and back down to Broadford for the night. Tuesday was a very early start again to get to Mallaig and the ferry for Muck and Eigg, then home via the West Highland Line and Glasgow (my favourite journey, at least until the Glasgow and descent into reality bit). I think I spent something like 13 hours on trains and 6 hours on ferries in 2 days - but I do like things that let you curl up in your little space and take you past pretty scenery, with no other distractions. I spent a lot of time reading (Post Captain, mostly), and thinking, and looking at the sea and the hills. Nice.

Back to work on Wednesday, my aunt arrived from Canada, and I went to a talk about Tristan da Cunha at the zoo in the evening, which was a) very enjoyable, as I like islands and learning things, and b) a nice example of coincidence, or synchronicity, or the word I can't remember for when you notice the things you're already thinking about (I'm still deep in Patrick O'Brian), as the talk started by explaining that the island was first settled after soldiers were stationed there when Napoleon was on St Helena, and went on to talk a lot about island endemics, which would obviously have fascinated Stephen. (I'm generally surprised when what I think of as my scattered interests start winding themselves back into one piece, building on things I hadn't realised were connected - there were also obvious connections to St Kilda and the other Scottish islands.)

Things have been slightly quieter since, and my aunt has gone off to see some of the rest of the family, and I am having a night in.
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