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I finally have The Far Side of the World. I approve of this.

This appears to be the one where they are reading the Iliad, so I hope they are enjoying it more than I am.

The Iliad as I understand it so far:
This man stole a woman from somewhere, and her father wants her back. So he goes in the huff and steals someone else's woman, and he goes in the huff and goes off to sulk in his tent.
Then 56 different people arrive with 56 armies from 56 different places all described in different ways.
After that lots of people fight each other, they all have the same names so there's no way of telling who is fighting who, a lot of people are introduced for the sole purpose of immediately being killed, and sometimes the gods join in and kill people and no one is allowed to hit them back.
The woman they're all supposedly fighting over doesn't even want to be where she is.
I don't know if she wants any of them very much, which seems reasonable enough.
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