Jen (ylla) wrote,

in which the year is filling up

Dances and related:
23rd-25th October - Freshers' Weekend
14th November - Dunedin Assembly
28th November - NS Beginners' Dance
5th December - SUSCDF

Potential adventures:
17th October - Hethpool, or Loch Long on the Waverley. Loch Long may win, sadly.
- If it's Hethpool, Friday night accommodation.
- If it's Waverley, ticket

31st October-1st November - York and Hartlepool?
- Train tickets
- Accommodation

11th-13th December - Bremen (and Hamburg?)
- Plane tickets
- Accommodation

19th-20th December - Newcastle/Morpeth/Runrig?
- Train tickets
- Accommodation
- Runrig ticket

5th November - Glasgow Green fireworks?
13th-15th November - Scots Fiddle Festival
26th November - Norwegian Carol Concert?
3rd December - Runrig at the Usher Hall
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