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I am having a petty, annoyed sort of week, which is only making me more annoyed with myself, and it's mostly manifesting itself as a preoccupation with time, or with peace.

On Monday I had decided to go right out and have a proper lunchbreak, but someone was supposed to be bringing me something at 1 that someone else was to collect at 2. Having waited for it until 1.25, I went out, but there was no one else in the office to tell what was to happen, so I had to be back at 2 to make sure everything was sorted out anyway.

Yesterday I went and sat in the coffee room next door, but someone came and started telling me about what they needed me to do after lunch, and it was easier just to go and do it. And then when I was walking out just after 5.30 to get the bus without too much standing in the cold, someone caught me with something that needed to go back in my office in case it was needed this morning, and so I missed the bus and didn't get home until 6.55, when I was supposed to be back at a dance class on the other side of town at 8.

And then today is Wednesday, and Wednesdays are always bad, because at 12.30 I get handed a huge mountain of assignments which have to go out to specific markers as soon as possible, and if I don't get a good start on it in the supposedly quieter hour before 1 and 2, it just drags on forever. And so I'm worn out and grumpy and unreasonable.

It's not that I really grudge people time, and even extra time if it's needed, but sometimes I just want an hour to myself in the middle of the day, with no one asking questions :)
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