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More on music

I've been thinking a bit more about a comment I made on the last post, about what I might want out of music.

I'm firmly an amateur and social dancer - if a bit picky these days about what I do, because I like it to be dancing, and not a sort of musical rugby scrum - I dance in competitions and displays and festivals because I enjoy the challenge and having something to work towards, but if it wasn't fun there would be no point, and for most purposes it doesn't really matter if things go wrong, as long as people are trying to make things work for each other somehow.
And I'm reasonably good, mostly because I've been dancing for quite a while (it didn't come at all naturally at first), but I'll never be brilliant, and that's fine - I can go to a dance and be fairly sure that I can get through most things without causing trouble for the rest of the set, and that's about the height of my ambition.

But my idea of music mostly comes from school (exams and grades and dull bass clarinet parts in the windband and not being good enough to be allowed in the orchestra), and from listening to the really good musicians who play in bands, and that's not the same thing at all, and all a bit intimidating.

I've seen it said that for people who don't do country dancing, there are only two dances - the one in long lines, and the one in little circles - and I know that the thing that turns it into more than that is actually dancing the dances, and learning the patterns and how it all makes sense, and then related kinds of dancing start to make sense too, because you can relate them to what you know. Or the same kind of thing happens with languages - you can start to pick out bits of related languages, or just understand the ways that things work.
So I hope that by trying to play music for myself, even if I never do it well, I would learn something more about understanding and enjoying music - at the most basic level, I'd like to recognise and know the names of more tunes, if nothing else.
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