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I hope it's not going to rain all weekend, because I could really do with some sunlight.

My evening class last night managed to discuss death by tortoise, whether you could actually hang yourself from a Judas Tree, whether it would be possible to commit suicide using seaweed (the conclusion was that you should have your fit of despair at a time of year when the cold water would do the job quickly anyway), and, during the break, the various odd deaths of kings and princes. (The breaktime conversation having started with the question of whether the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta[1] could be a Sovereign Prince if he had no land to be sovereign of, and led there through the difference between being Queen of England and Queen of Scots, Magna Carta and the Declaration of Arbroath, and Kings Richard and John).
It's probably a good thing that I didn't actually have a burning desire to learn about plants in the ancient world - but it's mostly been enjoyable.

[1] And his general situation, the teacher having recently met the current Grand Master. He is apparently recognised as a head of state by the heads of 102 countries (I think), including the Queen of Canada, but not the Queen of the United Kingdom, although they're the same person.
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