Jen (ylla) wrote,

The good:
It was unexpectedly sunny on Friday, and I went for a walk on Blackford Hill at lunchtime. I've never done that before, and I don't know why not.
My officemate is teaching me to play chess, to fill in the quiet times. I sort of didn't exactly win the first game, by accident.

The bad:
I have a cold. At least, I think it's just a cold, because I now feel human again, despite coughs and sneezes, and can sit up and read and type and wander round the house if I feel like it, unlike yesterday when I spent most of the morning and afternoon doing nothing but lying on the couch shivering.

The ridiculous:
I won't be at NS on Thursday this week because of the Norwegian carol concert, which means that next week I won't be there because of Runrig at the Usher Hall, which means it will be December, which is just daft.
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