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So I survived last week, just in time to have to start another one. This seems slightly unfair :)

I went to the German Market before the concert on Thursday - it has exactly the same things it has had every other year, but I did see a couple of things I might buy for people (and one for myself, although I have nowhere to put it). And I had a very tasty pork steak in a roll thing for my dinner, so that was good. The concert was good too - some very old songs that I hadn't really expected to hear live again, mixed in with a lot of more usual things. Rory told us to have a good christmas and a happy new year before they saw us again, but I am foiling that plan by going to see them again in Newcastle the weekend after next. Probably he'll tell us again, and I can manage it that time.

Friday night was the pubbing, which went better than I expected. Saturday mostly seems to have vanished unnoticed - it was one of those days which never quite bothers to get light - but it did eventually involve going off to St Andrews for SUSCDF, which went well (although it didn't feel entirely SUSCDF-like, for some reason - maybe because it wasn't a very formal hall). Our dem worked, which is the bit that matters, and the others were interesting to watch.
On Sunday I went out for lunch with my family, and not long after that it was time for Monday again.

The exams have started at work this week, which means I feel like I'm constantly running around doing bits of things, and always in the middle of everything, while also trying to tidy up from all the things which happened during the term. And I have to start thinking about next term, too. This is a tiring time of year, and depressingly dark.

I really need to start my Christmas shopping at some point - probably late night shopping before NS on Thursday.
Although I did finally get round to buying plane tickets, so on Friday I'm going off to real German markets (Bremen and possibly Hamburg, depending how adventurous I'm feeling). That should hopefully cover some of it, and even if not very much, it'll be fun. It's nice to get away at this time of year, when everything is feeling worn out and stale, and there will be very long sausages in very small rolls, and crepes with cinnamon, and german beer, and other good things :)
And last night I bought christmas cards and wrapping paper, so that is some kind of start. Now I just need to make a list and write the cards...
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