Jen (ylla) wrote,

I haven't written very much about anything yet, but I haven't done much of anything else either.

Christmas was good - full of family as usual, and good food and new games and old games - and I really have hardly done anything for the last three days.
I needed that, I think, but I probably need some plans now.

I did ridiculously well out of it, too - highlights are below :)

A Selection from the Public and Private Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood (in two volumes) (I'm a geek, but a very happy one)
Storm and Conquest: The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809 (from esteven; see also above)
The Folklore of Discworld
The Interesting Bits: The history you might have missed
The Wonder Book of Would You Believe It (which is really a book about scientific things for children from 1936)

Also £40 of book tokens from my aunt and £20 of amazon vouchers from cblgg1, so I have more fun still to come.

Things to build:
A penguin party (paper)
A dragon (paper)
A carousel (plastic, with bits to wire up)
A marble run
A jigsaw (wild animals, including a sloth)

Other things:
A Waverley calendar
Rocket balloons
Pyjama trousers
Far too much chocolate

and more :)
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