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Having done almost nothing for days, I suddenly seem to be doing all sorts of things more or less at once, and the rest of the holidays are vanishing.

Last night was the torchlight procession, which involved a lot of people carrying fire, and a big X, and some very good fireworks (I especially liked the squealing ones like firework rocket balloons, and the ones which burst with one big bang and then all the bits burst with little bangs), and some wandering around Calton Hill, which I need to go and do when it's light (Enlightenment public walks, Nelson monument with time ball, and the whole Regent's Road/Waterloo Place thing, which was one of the lighthouse Stevensons).

Today I meant to go into town, but went to visit my gramma instead, and then tonight we went to the pantomime, which had more or less everything a pantomime should have, including shiny fish which swam around in the dark, and also ships and pirates.

Tomorrow I am going skating, and into town if I get round to it, and to tigger_boing's party, and on Friday I'm going to London, and on Sunday I come back, and then Tuesday is my birthday and apparently I'm going out for lunch, so Monday is the only day left I don't have plans for. Not sure how that happened.
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