Jen (ylla) wrote,

Saturday in brief

London is filled with bumpkins at this time of the year; they stare about them like oxen. (LoM)

London really seemed to be mostly full of French, but that was exactly what I spent Saturday doing – walking around with my mouth open. I still felt like a country mouse, but in a good way – country mice are supposed to go for long walks and look at things, and that suits me fine.

What I have learnt about London:
  • The places I connect with the East End - which should therefore be poor - are actually the City of London, and rich.
  • The places I think of as London are mostly the West End (and probably Westminster).
  • The Tower of London is not a tower at all, but a great thing like 10 Edinburgh castles laid out flat.
  • It seems to have had a very bad habit of burning down in the 1840s, which is annoying for my purposes.

    To get from where I was staying to where I had dinner on Saturday night, I walked along Byng Place and Keppel Street. Otherwise I seem to have been accidentally running around after Nelson, and getting annoyed with this sign
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