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It looks like this is going to be the Northumbrian year - IVFDF in Durham, Spring Fling in Newcastle, and the Tall Ships in Hartlepool, before even starting on my return to the College valley, and the Collingwood exhibition, and the prowling around Newcastle I want to do. And maybe Morpeth again in better weather, to play on the stepping stones, and Hadrian's Wall, and...
I am not complaining about any of this :)

Apart from that, I'm not sure what my adventure plans are. I was in Lofoten last year, so it should be the south of Norway's turn again, and the Tall Ships are also in Kristiansand, so that's definitely tempting (and while looking that up I also found this). Or maybe I'll finally make it to Gothenburg.
We don't seem to have Easter plans yet, although Dublin has been mentioned - and I'm possibly still supposed to be going to Legoland with vililee at some point. And there's the Waverley weekend.
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