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This weekend has finally involved some belated birthday celebrating - last night was tigger_boing's birthday, but SO had also made a cake for me, which made me happy. It was a good night, too, and involved a lot of puzzles, and discussion of children's TV in four different countries :)

Tonight was dinner with my family, involving a crazy muddle of present giving - belated christmas presents from my cousin who wasn't there, birthday presents for me and my mum and dad, and unbirthday presents for the rest of the younger generation (with my aunt saying 'unhappy birthday' as she gave them out) - and some very good italian food, including a small purple thing with tentacles that I got in trouble with the rest of the family for eating :)

In between that I've been watching Master and Commander for the umpteenth time :)

I now have to spend £210 of money, £100 of Waverley vouchers, and £80 of book tokens.
Although maybe this dress will account for part of it, and the Waverley vouchers are going towards the May western isles weekend :)
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