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Coming alive

I was starting to feel a bit more alive again - I don't know if it's some magic about 9 hours of daylight, or just getting to the middle of term, but I finally feel more or less caught up with myself at work, and I've been planning improbable adventures, and I've even been reading and enjoying it (if only rereading - The Far Side of the World, and the Canterbury Tales) :)

Only now I think I might be finally coming down with the cold that's been lurking around my various circles for weeks, so maybe not.
(I haven't actually had a cold since the flu thing in November, but it doesn't feel long ago, maybe because the lingering tiredness took so long to go away).

I want to go on a snowdrop walk, but there aren't a lot of free Saturdays in February. I might just have to make one up for myself :)

I've bought my train ticket for coming back from i_am_sailing's wedding, and hopefully have sorted out a lift into Inverness, and I've sent away for an application pack for an ILA Scotland £200 account (not sure what I'll use it for, as neither Edinburgh University or the council are involved, but I'm sure I can find something...). And I should really try to sort out getting a card to prove I'm over 18, which I was going to do about a year ago (but that means getting a photo taken that I can bear to live with).
And I have more not-very mysterious presents - a CD with the Norway episode of Coast, and one which was described to me as 'the yearly weather cavalcade about what the weather did in various parts of norway during the year'. This sounds to me a bit as if they make the weather line up and parade around.

Today they had rhubarb yoghurt for sale downstairs, which there hasn't been for ages, but they also had very good berry muffins... so in the end I bought both, in case there wasn't still rhubarb yoghurt tomorrow. It's in the fridge, and if anyone eats it I'll learn how to curse them (but only a little bit).

The Newcastle preparations continue - at least we got the practice where people wanted to throw things at each other over with quite early on :)
I've ended up dancing in the display, because someone else wanted to go to the rugby instead of the practice, so that's ok, because that's all I really wanted to do anyway. It's all a bit of a mess still, and we could have done with more time for everything, and I'm definitely the weakest link in the ladies' team, which I didn't want to be (not in the display. I know where I'm going there, even if it's not necessarily elegant), but everything works out somehow. So now I just have to not be ill on Saturday.
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