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I am more or less accidentally not learning anything this term - my original plan was to learn about The Enlightenment, but then I didn't do that because I was thinking about learning to play the fiddle (which started later), but I didn't do that because it would make a horrible noise, and now I have some of my energy back, and nothing to do with it.

I did think of the Open University again - quite a few of their 10 point introductory classes look interesting - but their sign up deadline for classes starting in February is tomorrow, and I failed to register with them before because the system tells me I could be too many other people.

Am I addicted to learning things? It's such an eclectic mix that it never actually gets me anywhere, and I'm not sure it's intended to. I suppose there could be worse things to do with my time... and maybe some day I'll find the thing I want to know all about :)
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