Jen (ylla) wrote,

The Collingwood Oaks

(Disclaimer: This has not actually been tested by anyone. It was written late at night at a dance festival. It may change. But having done it, I wanted to get it out there on the right day.)

The Collingwood Oaks (Strathspey 8x32)
A strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple set.

Written for the 200th anniversary of the death of Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood on 7th March 1810.

1-8 1C turn RH and cast off one place. 1C dance a petronella turn to finish in lines of three across the dance, 1L between 2C and 1M between 3C. All set.
9-16 1L with 2M,3M and 1M with 2L,3L dance RH wheels. 1C turn LH to their own sidelines. All set.
17-24 1C followed by 2C dance down between 3C, part and cast back up, dance up to the top and cast off - 1C dance through 2nd place to finish facing 1st corners, 2C finish in 1st place.
25-32 Corners pass and turn - 1st corners turn RH and dance back to place while 1C dance a loop around them and finish fancing 2nd corners. Repeat with 2nd corners. 1C finish by passing RS to 2nd place on their own sides.
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