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Turning up in unexpected places

Mostly for joyful_molly and esteven.

From the Rough Guide to Spain.

On Menorca:
The British saw its potential as a naval base during the War of the Spanish Succession and achieved their aim by having the island ceded to them through the Treaty of Utrecht (1713). Spain regained possession in 1783, but with the threat of Napoleon in the Mediterranean, a new British base was temporarily established under admirals Nelson and Collingwood.
(I don't think that's exactly *true*. I don't know who was in charge between 1798 and 1802, and Nelson was dead before Spain changed sides again - he always sneaks in where he doesn't belong. But at least Coll got in too.)

And Mahon:
Plaça Constitució boasts the town's main church, Santa María. ... The church's pride and joy, however, is its organ, a monumental piece of woodwork, all trumpeting angels and pipes, built in Austria in 1810 and lugged across half of Europe at the height of the Napoleonic Wars under the concerned charge of Admiral Collingwood.
I haven't read anything about Cadiz yet. And I really need a Collingwood icon.
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