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In which I have a plan

I have finally stopped dithering about Easter, and started booking things, so I have a plan!
(It's actually for the week before - I'm back for good Friday - but it's the first week of the university Easter holidays.)

So I fly from Newcastle to Barcelona on Saturday morning, have an afternoon and night there, then fly on to Menorca early the next morning (I would have gone straight through, but the flights were expensive and the timing awkward).
Then I have two nights in Mahon and one in Ciutadella before flying back for another day and night in Barcelona, and home again from there.

(I still have to check with the Spring Fling people to see if they have any spare beds for the Friday and might let me have one, in which case I'll go down to Newcastle for the Friday night ceilidh, and I have to book accommodation for Barcelona. But it's mostly done.)

It's all a mixture of the Collingwood celebrations, and Master and Commander and The Ionian Mission, and simply the fact that I haven't been in the Mediterranean for more than 10 years, and I could do with some warmth and sunshine.
And I'm excited :)
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