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Back from Oslo. It was a fairly quiet weekend, starting with arrival late Friday night, a bit of going round in circles trying to make our way through the Oslo road system, and quite a lot of sleep.
Once I'd got going on Saturday, I went with the friend I was staying with for a drive around a lake to the north of where he lives, with stops to visit a glass factory and to play with the ice on the lakeshore - there were great cracks in it, and around the cracks it came apart in hundreds of splinters if you kicked it. I'd never seen so much ice before. At the top of the lake we decided to head over to Gjøvik, where we ate ice cream and saw PS Skibladner in her winter house, and came back by another road.
By Saturday night his wife had returned from her travels, and the three of us went off for the main purpose of the weekend - Gitarkameratene in concert. Unfortunately we hadn't been able to get seats together, which was a shame as I could have done with someone to explain the jokes, but it was great fun anyway. Apparently they were selling the new CD which officially wasn't out until today there, but I didn't know that until too late, and I don't know when I'll get hold of it now.
Sunday we went for a walk, and then I went back into Oslo, and thought about going to see Fram, and thought about going to the Vigeland Park, and then actually just sat in the sunshine drinking coffee, and went shopping, and wandered along the harbour front.

I have lots of Norwegian things - a new Odd Nordstoga CD (I couldn't find anything I was really looking for), and Skipslegens makker (because I want some Norwegian, but I've never really reached the stage where I can read things I haven't read in English), and aquavit, and strange alcohol which says it's made out of Arctic crowberries, whatever those may be, and sour whales, and firkløver. A good haul :)

There was still a lot of snow on the ground in Norway, despite the sunshine, although it was doing its best to melt - but Scotland seems to have jumped further into spring with great enthusiasm in the two days I was gone - flowers everywhere.

And now I have the house to myself until Friday, because everyone else has gone on holiday.
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