Jen (ylla) wrote,

I have been looking at the calendar, and after this weekend (if I don't go to the Northern Streams concert), the next weekend when I have nothing planned is 19th June.
This is really only a problem because there are still a lot of things I wanted to do this spring - some of the weekends are only Sunday afternoon trip practices, and I'd rather have something happening than nothing at all, and end up wondering where the weekend went - but it's a bit surprising.

And I appear to have arranged time off for an adventure on the day of the election - oops. I'd better sort out the postal voting thing, which will be more interesting than going to a polling station anyway.

I've also been thinking about an adventure for October - St Cuthbert's Way in bramble time - which is a very unexpected amount of planning ahead. I might have changed my mind about it by then, of course.
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