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I have new shoes! And although they're a style which might let rain in at the top, they shouldn't let it in through the soles, which I feel is a definite improvement. Unfortunately they took most of the skin off my heels yesterday, so I'm not as pleased with them as I was - but they will hopefully get over that soon.

I'm not sure where some of yesterday went, but I did manage to write this week's social programme and half of next week's, and come up with a vague plan of what I'm going to teach on Tuesday, and make notes on what I did last week, and send various useful emails.

And then I went to the post office, where I got to play with a magic parcel-weighing-and postage-printing machine, and then off to Aberdeen. It was a good dance, although I was too tired to properly appreciate it, and my right foot is complaining again :(

Today I didn't get up until noon, and that may be my main achievement of the day :)
I'm stiff all over, and going to the bath.
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