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Very interrupted lunch time today - I had hoped to have all my dancing related tasks for the week done and out of the way by then (except calling on Thursday, I suppose), but people kept coming in wanting me to work instead...

Still, yesterday was a nice quiet introduction to exam delivery - my task for the afternoon, between delivery and collection, was to hang around in town. I ran into cblgg1 when I got off the bus, and we walked down to Old College together, and then I went to meet Rems, and we mostly sat in his office and talked about language and nonsense - and then when he had to go off to a meeting, I took myself to Double Dutch for coffee, and sat planning what I was going to teach. Nice :)

Last night's practice went pretty well, I think - I had co-opted tigger_boing to teach technique for the first part, so everyone was already experts by the time they had to do it all in the dances. I approve of this system.

And I have a parcel of peach flavoured things from volgivagant :)
Thank you - I'll be in touch properly later!

I'm kind of supposed to be at Dunedin. I'm not... yet, anyway.
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