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The Collingwood Oaks and other dances

Back from Dunedin.

Rems has taken a liking to the dance I wrote, and has put it on the summer dance programme - and it was one of the dances he called for Dunedin tonight, because he mostly took them from that programme.

I managed to walk in just at the right moment, when he was telling people that it was a dance I had written - and various people told me afterwards that it was a nice dance, and flowed really well. It does. I like dances that flow.

Unfortunately he also tried to explain the name, which meant I ended up having to try to explain to people who Collingwood was - and why I had written the dance, which there is no reasonable explanation for :)

I am being unreasonably organised, and suprising myself - I've almost written next week's social programme (full of dances I don't want to do, because I won't be there), and most of the week after's (dances I do want to do, but not actually so good a programme), and worked out what I want to teach next Tuesday. I still haven't written up last night, though, and it's not going to happen tonight.

This is all about dancing. Oh well - small pleasures...
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