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Quote of the day (from the Metro):
'There is no human right to show people your pants.'

I was supposed to be going off to Oban tomorrow, and had even planned the various adventures I was going to have there - but although my foot is officially not infected, according to the Minor Injuries people at the Western, and I can actually walk rather than hobble today, it still tends to get sore and swollen if I walk around with my shoes on, which makes adventuring seem like a bad idea. Fortunately I hadn't started booking anything before Saturday, and then put it off until I saw if I was feeling better.

It's a shame, both because I was looking forward to it a lot - I haven't been on the west coast since last August - and because I hoped it was going to keep me away from the worst of the election. I have no intention of getting worked up about the result, as there's nothing I can do about it, and I don't particularly want to listen to other people doing so either...

Still, it's only just over three weeks until the Waverley weekend, and this adventure has only been postponed until midsummer, when I'll be able to leave on Wednesday night and not come back until Sunday, which I couldn't have done this week - so it'll be even better when it does happen.
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