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The arithmetic of exams and other stories

The arithmetic of exams: given 4 scriptbooks for each of 247 students, to be split up into 6 piles, to be divided among 7 markers (and there's also currently an seventh pile for People Who Didn't Read The Instructions), how much sanity will one person retain by the end of the week?

I am wearing (for the first time, because I think I bought it in last year's end of summer sales) a skirt which folds away into its own pocket. I'm a sucker for gimmicks. But it's also pretty, fits reasonably well, and is made of thin quick-drying material which will pack well even if I don't master the pocket trick - so I think the gimmickry is OK.

I'm also lying on the grass in the sunshine. Wireless is a wonderful thing :)

Having spent last night and this morning doing things which served no useful purpose (except possibly relaxation, but I don't have time for that), I think I need a real to-do list of the 'start at the beginning and keep going until you get to the end' type. Things like tomorrow's trip practice and next weekend's adventure need my attention, and a lot of other things want it.

Email RG
Email LH
Look at the OU course website
Send Runrig fan club renewal
Send OU payment voucher

Birthday presents (V, R, E)
Birthday cards (G, V)
Ch5 comments
Ch6 comments
Accommodation for next weekend
Transport/accommodation for later adventures
Social programme
Reply to PH about trip stuff
Trip practice reminder
General trip organisation concerns
Write choreography
Plan tomorrow's practice
Teach the practice
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