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No fossils tonight; my calendar of things to do says 'draft programmes', so I suppose I better try to write them. Learning things is more fun, but I'm trying to learn to be organised...
(The OU claims that you can study at home, at work, or on the bus, which I think is quite unimaginative. I've already added 'in a pub', and will add trains and ferries soon.)

I have also been preparing lots of things for the last exam board tomorrow - I'll be glad when it's all over, for about 10 minutes, and then I'll start complaining that there isn't enough to do :)

I seem to have a lot of exciting weekends coming up.

This coming one should be nice, because it has different things in it - I'm going to Morpeth on Saturday to see their Collingwood exhibition and walk over their stepping stones and hopefully take better pictures than the ones I took in the snow, and then coming back for the Dunedin summer dance. Then Sunday afternoon is a trip practice, which isn't so much fun, but it keeps me busy at least.

The next weekend is even more adventurous - I'm off to Oban again on Wednesday night (and hoping they've cleared the track by then, and no more diasasters happen) to go to Coll and Tiree and Barra (although not actually land on any of them, probably - they call it a 'full day cruise' in their book of days out, but it's really just the ferry), Staffa and Ulva (and I really hope we actually get to land on Staffa this time - puffins!), Lismore, and Arrochar (one of these things is not like the others).

The next weekend is the reception for our graduating students - why do they have to graduate on a Saturday? - and then I'm off over the border again for Newcastle RSCDS's 60th anniversary dance, and back on Sunday for another trip practice.

(And then the weekend after that is the last one before the trip, which seems ridiculous - and scary - given its current state of disorganisation.)

It will be good. The summer is for wandering :)
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