Jen (ylla) wrote,

A day of small things

Today work things have mostly been happening.

  • It was the last exam board for the main exam period, and I was in charge of writing the minutes and organising everything (fairly badly). This meant I officially got free exam board lunch for the first time. Going up in the world.

  • There is a world cup prediction competition going on - so far I have one point of a possible 6 (at this stage it's 1 point for the right outcome, 3 points for the right score), so I hope things get better. I wasn't going to play, because making up so many scores seemed too much like hard work, but at the last minute I didn't want to be left out.

  • Everyone in my office wants to be on holiday for the same two weeks. Fortunately, nothing will really be happening in those two weeks, so we're all going away, and the office is going to be painted blue while we're gone - it's been a horrible green for years. And we get to throw out all the rubbish that shouldn't be in the office anyway.

  • And I've booked days off in October to walk St Cuthbert's Way in bramble time, carefully avoiding Wednesdays.


  • I went to Waverley, and collected 7 train tickets for 3 different adventures. This is insanely annoying, because they give you a different reference number to type in for every ticket, even if you buy several for the same journey at the same time, and make you put your bank card in the machine and take it out again for every single one.

  • Rems is hopefully going to bring me the new Gitarkameratene CD when he comes back from Oslo :)
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