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In which things are going wrong, but will hopefully go right eventually

Well, I've booked a slightly crazy set of flights to get me to Serbia and back - I'm neither flying into nor out of Edinburgh, but it'll all work out in the end...

Otherwise I'm driving myself crazy trying to cut down programmes to take account of people we now don't have, and highland dancers we don't have, and people who need time to change shoes and costumes to do other kinds of dancing, and it's just all a mess, and I still can't put my left foot flat on the ground, and have a horrible feeling we're going to be another lady down.
Why did I get myself mixed up in this? :)

I was supposed to be learning this morning about being a fire steward for the building where the graduation reception is, but I was late because I was stuck in a queue of about 20 buses going nowhere on Princes Street, and it was all over in 5 minutes, and I missed it. But at least I know there's not much to learn!
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