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I have been a bad little student over the past few days - nothing since Thursday, partly because I was away, and sleepy, and staying in busy rooms, and partly because I've spent a lot of time worrying about the trip - and that does have to take precedence, because it affects other people.

It doesn't matter, in a way; for these short courses there are two possible submission dates - by the end of July or by the end of October, in my case - and since I started late and am away for most of July, I was never going to make the first one - I'm hoping to submit when the second slot opens at the start of September. (Although the July set of questions seem a lot easier, which is annoying.)

But I did want to take this seriously - I'm not going to say it's 'only' for fun, because I can't see anything wrong with being a committed amateur, as long as you know what you are - and prove to myself that I could do it. And it does make a good break from driving myself mad with the trip stuff. Reason in all things.

So I suppose what I have to do is not worry about it, and just get on and catch up when I can.
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