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It has been a hectic weekend.

I spent Friday evening and the first part of Saturday morning trying to put together the final trip programmes - a complicated jigsaw of who can do what when, and who has to change shoes, or costumes, or suddenly be in a completely different place - and Friday night dreaming that I was writing them, which was not particularly restful.

The next part of the day was taken up by the graduation reception - pouring about a million glasses of wine, and seeing all the students dressed up in their posh clothes. It's nice to see, but it's better when it's not on a Saturday.

Then, after a quick visit to the department to help dump some of the leftovers, and to collect my mislaid dance shoes, I was off to Newcastle - or at least to Gateshead - for their RSCDS's 60th anniversary dance. I got mysteriously lost trying to find the place (a bus driver told me to go straight along a straight road, and this was entirely untrue - I should have gone round a collection of bendy ones), so that DL and RM had to come and rescue me - but I was found in the end. It was a very good night, but I couldn't dance much on my sore foot, and had to turn down a lot of lovely people - and then I was nearly asleep towards the end.

Back where we were staying, we all got into our pyjamas, and started trying out different whiskies and beers, mixed in with a lot of conversation - the last of us finally went to bed about 4am. I haven't talked until it was getting light for quite a while, and it should happen occasionally :)

Today I had to get up far too early to get back - DL kindly ferrying me to the station again - and run a trip practice this afternoon, some of which then decamped to the pub for more conversation. It went reasonably well, really, and at this stage it's not worth worrying too much - they can do what they can do.

There was a man on my bus home who argued all the way from Haymarket to Drumbrae with an opponent (or opponents) no one else could hear - they appeared to support France and Australia, but he was English - in a broad Scots accent - and having none of this. This was quite surreal.

One of the friends at the dance has also unofficially looked at my foot, and thinks it's sprained and will be better in a week or two - she told me to get some bandage that stuck to itself and bandage it right forward to my toes and then up around my ankle, and I did, and could dance all sorts of things I shouldn't have done at the practice. So I am relieved, and hoping she's right.
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