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A miscellany

It's Friday, and the sun is shining - I can't help being a bit more cheerful.

I'm alone in the office, too, so I can have all the blinds open and let the sunshine in - and there was cake at coffee time, and I have leftover cake for my lunch - very greedy :)

I've managed to get done one of the things I was putting off, and squeeze in a little bit of studying - late last night, and on the bus this morning. I think it's good for me - gives me something else to think about, at least.

Less cheerful is some bad news for a good friend, and the fact that my foot has had a relapse - it was a lot better, but then on Wednesday night I walked from KB to Morningside and tried to dance when I got there, and it didn't approve of this At All - and the amount I still have to do; my weekend is going to have to be a sort of jigsaw puzzle of fitting things in.

Also, a dilemma. If I arrange to run off to Stornoway for the Hebridean Celtic Festival as soon as I get back from Serbia I will wish I hadn't; if I don't, I will wish I had.

O wise livejournal, what should I do?

Don't go
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