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Today I felt quite useful, although I wasn't really (strictly speaking) productive.
The day started off quite badly, with me failing to sleep very much. vililee didn't sleep much either, which was bad for her, but good for me, because I got good company when I was up and spodding at 7:30am ;)
According to my first mental plan of the day, I was meant to have tidied the bathroom (so that plumbers can come and plumb in it) and the kitchen (because it's messy) by noon. This didn't quite happen (due to soulsearching phlebaswards and the aforementioned Commander Keen), but the bathroom almost got done, and then I went out on a long and varied mission.
I want to the bookshop to look at language books to try and work out what level of language course I would fit, and to the library to take back a book, and to the hub shop to buy envelopes (which I then forgot to post anything away in), and to Maplins to buy a new mouse ball (two working mice, yay!) and to Lidls where I bought dried fruit, grapes, chocolate with nuts in, and small cartons of orange juice.
Then I went to the job centre and got various pieces of paper printed out for me, and went home again.
All this took longer than I'd hoped (especially the jobcentre, where half of glasgow seemed to be), and I missed the first half of Tom Morton, but I listened to the second half before going out again, this time to enrol in an evening class.
Then I came back in again, and I had a shower and made and ate my dinner before going back out again, to said class. (Human Origins and Early Development, chosen semi-randomly because it was on a night I had free (more or less. see soulsearching above), and I didn't think I knew very much about it. Although I knew more about tonight's class than I expected, but that might be because of a programme I watched about Darwin on UK History.)
Tonight we were learning about the history of current thoughts on evolution and things - early ideas and how they developed. It was quite interesting, I think (the time went quite quickly, anyway), but the class is mostly older people, and it's generally a lot less of a social thing than last year's German. I'm feeling vaguely tempted to switch to a language course, but I think I won't.
Then I came home again (this is getting repetitive) and spodded a bit. And now I'm going to bed.
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