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In which I am learning things

The end may be in sight, so I need to know what to learn about next...

I think these are the likely things, in rough order of probability:
Understanding the Weather
I don't know why I want to know about the weather, I just do; possibly because it's just there, being mysterious, all the time.
Maths for Science
I'm not too bothered about knowing about Physics, but for some reason I do mind not knowing about standard deviations and things. And it has logarithms :)
Introducing Astronomy
This was my first love - the first book I'm known to have read by myself, at the age of 4, was about the Sun, Moon and Planets. And I wouldn't mind a more grown up version, but it's a winter subject, really (even if the Perseids are supposed to be at their best tonight).
Neighbourhood Nature
I want to do this - but in May, when the nature is doing exciting things, and I should have my new £200 :) I should have done it this May, but I was too indecisive.

Decisions, decisions...

What should I study next?

Understanding the Weather
Mathematics for Science
Introductory Astronomy
Neighbourhood Nature
something else, to be explained in a comment

In more immediate news, I am tired of dinosaurs - I much prefer echinoderms and brachiopods and bivalves and things that live in the sea. But now it's flowering plants, and then Things From The Chalk - and then all the dinosaurs die, so that's ok.
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