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A mostly bookish miscellany

I have finally got round to looking at the book festival programme - but there's not all that much I really want to see, and some of that - Alistair Moffat, and someone talking about Shetland - is sold out.
I was maybe going to go to a talk about how Shakespeare really wrote Shakespeare, but I might be going to see Isobelle Carmody with vililee at the same time instead (we were the right age when the first book first came out over here, and it's not our fault they've taken so long!).
And then there's one about the influence of the King James Bible on English, and maybe the history of IPA, but that's not a lot.

The OU are there on Sunday, as well. I'm kind of drifting back towards the maths idea, but a bit worried that I might know too much of it already...

In studying news, the dinosaurs are all dead. Hooray. But this may just mean that I have to learn about people, who are even duller, and have just as silly names. Still, the end is in sight :)

I have had really stiff shoulders for the last few days, and no idea why :/
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