Jen (ylla) wrote,

I'm having a very impatient time at the moment. The website to submit my assignment for the fossils course doesn't open until Thursday - I think - although I keep trying it just in case. (And then I'll have to wait the two months until the official end of the course as well as two months afterwards to get my mark, but I'm not thinking about that.) Nothing has turned up about the new weather course, either in the post or online. And I bought a new mp3 player from ebay, so I could work at the table next door at lunchtime even if people are talking noisily at the other end of the room, and now I have to wait for it too.

I dreamt last night that it was the evening of the 23rd of December, and I hadn't done any Christmas shopping. I'm not sure if this was connected.

This is a very in between week at work. Last week had meetings. The two weeks before that had exams. Next week has exam boards, the week after that has freshers (eek!), and the week after that has students (more eek!).This week just... is.

I didn't bite my nails for 30 days. Now they keep growing and annoying me.

They have put equations on the floor downstairs. I think this will be quite depressing for the students :)
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