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A post for the things I forgot yesterday

I had a nice weekend - enough different things to make it feel like it hadn't just vanished, and enough quiet time to make it restful. On Saturday I went to see my Gramma, and in the evening I went to play games with river_of_ and other people - the one where you have to read people's minds, a dull one about King Arthur, and Carcassonne (which I got to play with the purple Agricola people :) ). On Sunday I'd meant to go out for fresh air, but I didn't get home from the games until 3am, and didn't get up until noon, so the furthest I got was the garden until I went out to my book festival talk. It was interesting, but not quite what I expected (although I hadn't known quite what to expect) - the speaker had been looking at the influence of the King James Bible on modern English, and discovered that the main remaining influence was in phrases we use, so his talk was mostly about different phrases and finding unusual uses and adaptations of them.

Next weekend we're meeting again to play Agricola, and on Sunday it's the festival fireworks, and in between that I suppose I better try to do some of the sorting out of photos that I didn't do last weekend. And study the new course, if it's come - my online record now says that they're waiting for the return of a registration form, but they haven't sent me it yet to return...

I am kind of tempted to see if there are still any places on this Skills for the Hills course - I very rarely get to go up hills, and when I do, I just follow meekly, so I don't know much about it. (Someone must do the equivalent in Scotland, but I don't know who).
I'd kind of prefer the Wooler Walk Weekend - I'd love to go back to the Cheviots - but it would mean four very busy weekends in a row in October
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