Jen (ylla) wrote,

Antediluvian Germans in a pantry

I had my culture yesterday - after a mad morning at work, running round after the new freshers (and everyone else's lost freshers), I went off to hear a man playing the organ in the Usher Hall - music by lots of different Bachs. Interesting, and different :)
And then I went to New Scotland's freshers' workshop - the real reason for the afternoon off - and unexpectedly ended up teaching a couple of simple country dances, which was good fun, but apparently upset their programme.

Actually, it has been a cultural week, because I watched the Proms on Saturday as well, although I didn't go to the NS promwatching party, as it was advertised as for being excessively English at, and I am not ;)

There's so much going on that I'm probably going to fall off the world for a bit - or fall into it - there's always a problem with no time to write about interesting things, if interesting things are happening!
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