Jen (ylla) wrote,

Musical woes

I have sore fingertips, and I still only know one tune.
(Although we've been told and shown the tune we're going to learn next week, and I know how it works, and I'm not allowed to play it. Torture.)

I also hate bass clefs. And this is self inflicted torture, because I have no need to read a bass clef, and no need to buy books for learning music theory, but I did.
I cannot escape from the idea that the bass clef somehow reflects the treble clef - that since middle C meets in the middle, the notes one step towards the middle of the stave should both be D, and so on. Argh.

First social of the year last night - cut down for the start of term. I called two easy dances, and left NW to struggle through a difficult one - very mean...
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