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I had a nice weekend - even Friday was nice in its way, with a good service, and a lot of family around that we don't see often.

On Saturday afternoon I was helping a lot of other people to paint tigger_boing's new house - I don't know if I was much help, but I enjoyed it and didn't make too much mess - then I went off to Newcastle for the Collingwood concert (really in Gateshead, which I don't want to offend). A good night - full of English songs I didn't know and readings I mostly did, and some very good music.

Then on Sunday I finally made it out to Hadrian's Wall, and saw the Mithraeum at Carrawburgh, and the turret at Black Carts, and then back to Hexham. I meant to wander around taking pictures, but my camera battery had other ideas, so I just wandered around, and had lunch.

I was going to finish off by going to Tynemouth, but I changed my mind and went out to South Shields instead, where I saw the Roman fort, looked at the monument from across the river, accidentally found T.S. Collingwood (the home of the South Shields Sea Cadets), didn't have time to go on the ferry, and headed back to Newcastle to nearly fall asleep on the train home :)


If I get to the end of St Cuthbert's Way, and it doesn't put me off ever walking anywhere again, I think I'm going to take a week off next spring and walk Hadrian's Wall, with a day in Carlisle (where I've never been) at the start, and two days in Newcastle at the end - it'll take two days to do even half of what I want to in Newcastle. I like the way there are always new plans to be made :)
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