Jen (ylla) wrote,

This was supposed to be a quiet weekend, where 'quiet' meant catching up on things I didn't have time for in the busy times, like learning about monsoons and writing postcards and turning next weekend inside out, but instead it mostly seems to have involved doing nothing at all.

There was a lot more mad rushing about in the week before I went off to the borders - Dunedin on Wednesday, late night shopping (where I entirely failed to buy a warm coat and waterproof shoes) and dancing on the Thursday, off to New Lanark for NS's annual weekend away, where I did very little dancing and not much socialising, but did teach a class and call for an evening dance, and buy a jacket and shoes in Lanark, and wander along the banks of the Clyde in some amazing autumnal weather, so it was fairly enjoyable anyway. Then back to write my neglected weather assignment in between work and making it to the Tuesday dance class for the first time this year and Dunedin again and river_of_'s going away party and packing to go away - the assignment was sent in at 7am on Thursday, when I had to leave for the station at 7.30am to get the train to Berwick :)

Next weekend was going to be both busy and quiet - busy because I was going to spend most of it at the Fiddle Festival, except Saturday night when I was going to a dance, and quiet because that really just involves sitting around in a crowd and listening to good music, which is no strain on me. Only then I decided that I really wanted to go to the Saturday night concert, and then I could go to the Newcastle Ball on the Friday night, so a lot of last minute rearranging, and added rushing up and down the east coast. But it will all be fun :)
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