Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which there is exciting news

I somehow missed the most exciting news out of my last post, which is that I have learnt to play a Real Tune - I can't define what makes it different from previous tunes, but it is, and although I can't play it very well, getting through it at all for the first time was a wonderful feeling - and that my cousin has come back from her holiday engaged, and seems to be plunging into the kind of wedding planning that would drive me crazy - but they're very happy, which is what matters :)


I didn't write much about the weather course while it was properly happening - mostly because it never felt like there was time to write about it in. If I could be writing about it, I could be studying it instead.

For some reason, if you begin a short course in September there are about 8 weeks until the first handin date, while if you start it at another time there are about 11 weeks - and although I loved the course, I think I could have appreciated it even more with three more weeks to appreciate it in. (I somehow started a row on the course forum by saying that, with people demanding to know how I would cope with a 60 point course. Since I have no intention of taking a 60 point course, it seems irrelevant - and I still stand by my original point :) )

So I should have already decided if I'm going to do another course, and what it's going to be if so. In one way, the idea of doing nothing is quite tempting at the moment, but I suspect if I don't do anything, I'll wish later that I had, and in another way I'm curious to know more things.

It was supposed to be astronomy over the winter, and that still seems to make sense - but I can't decide between Introducing Astronomy (nice and general, but I've seen a suggestion it might be a bit lightweight if you know anything about it already - although the reviews are generally good) and Planets: an introduction (follows on very neatly from the geology and meteorology in the two courses I've done, and isn't around much longer - but there are other things than planets...). And I should make my own mind up, instead of expecting everyone else to decide for me - especially since I ignored you all the last time anyway :)
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