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I have been having a crazy but mostly wonderful weekend, starting with tigger_boing collecting me from work on Friday and taking me on a mad dash to a dance in Newcastle - then talking, sleeping, a lot more talking, utter failure to be back in Edinburgh by mid-afternoon, and a walk on the beach at Bamburgh on the most glorious wintry afternoon, with the sky and the sea and the castle walls all glowing in their different ways.

We eventually got back to Edinburgh about 6pm, and the rest of the crowd headed off to another dance, while I went to a concert at the fiddle festival, then did a smaller mad dash up the road to get the last hour of the dance, since I'd bought a ticket before I realised I wanted to be elsewhere, and hadn't been able to get rid of it. All good fun, and people kept saying to me: "I thought you weren't going to be here" - nice to be noticed :) Then since it had suddenly hit me towards the end of the dance that I hadn't had any dinner, and the night buses didn't start for a while, I ended up wandering down the road at half past midnight eating doner kebab, which is something I haven't done for a while.

Today started far too early given the time yesterday finished, and has mostly involved the fiddle festival again - I've learnt a new tune, bought two books full of more new tunes, and heard an awful lot of good music. And now it might be sleeping time.
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