Jen (ylla) wrote,

I'm feeling a bit more human, but still exhausted - I had a horrible time yesterday where I was trying to get into town for lunch and then a meeting - couldn't get away, then the bus took ages, so I ended up with only 20 minutes break then ages in a meeting in a fairly dark room, then a packed bus back again - then almost fell asleep on the bus to the fiddle class, where I used up far too much energy.

We were busy practicing for next week's Stramash - I believe the original meaning of the word is a confused noise, which describes us perfectly (although we're a very cheerful confused noise), but in this case it's where all the classes get together and play to each other. It's good fun - there are enough of us that at any given time someone is sure to be playing the right thing, so I'm not too bothered about going wrong, and actually I think we sound pretty good, although a more objective listener may not agree, of course! I've decided that the reason primary school type fiddlers are often not much fun to listen to isn't that they play badly, it's that they play so so carefully - which isn't really my style anyway :)

This weekend looked like it was going to turn out absolutely crazy, in spite of being a supposedly quiet weekend with no dance - but seems to have got a bit less so, which is probably a good thing.
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