Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which there was unexpected quietness

There's quite a lot of snow here - yesterday afternoon there was about an inch lying, which is already unusual for Edinburgh and unheard of for November, but it kept snowing all night and morning, and is at about 6 inches now and snowing again.

I seem to be making plans for the rest of the year, which is a bit disturbing - December always sneaks up on me unexpectedly. There's only one more week of work before the exams start, and another week after that before I go to Germany.

I was trying to sort out train tickets for the German adventure, but DB won't do internet tickets for the train to Groningen (and only accept cards I don't have and insist you take the card onto the train with you) while the Dutch equivalent, although they accept passports as ID, will only let you pay in Dutch ways and don't appear to believe that the trains I want exist. I have been horribly spoiled by NSB, who make such things fairly simple...

Most of the things I thought were going to happen this weekend either didn't, or I didn't have the energy to go out in the cold and snow to get there - so it went from looking horribly busy to being really quiet. I did go to the pub with some of the work folk on Friday, and ended up at the Christmas market, but it wasn't quite as much fun as it's sometimes been. I've been teaching myself how to play Silent Night (it's the first Sunday of advent, so it's allowed) and practicing for the stramash, in between other things - I'm getting a bit tired of the stramash tunes, and not at all sure what I'm going to play until classes start again in January.

I have also been a bit busy with the astronomy course - the book is about half the size of the weather one, and I have three weeks longer to get through it, so it feels a bit odd, but I'm trying a plan where I rush ahead for a bit, and then go and do other things for a bit. I was supposed to do an experiment with a long stick, a coin, and the moon, but I don't have a long stick, and the moon has been hiding under the horizon or behind storm clouds, so this hasn't happened yet.

I am sleepy, and going to bed.
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