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always winter and never christmas

It's looking kind of unlikely that there's going to be a stramash tomorrow - at least, nothing else planned for this week has happened. I will be quite annoyed with the weather if that happens - not even having Real Icicles on the house will make up for it.

(The Capital Letters reminded me that I bought Very Exciting christmas cards - they're black with silver designs on them, and they come with a silver pen to write them with, since obviously a black one would be no use :) )

I'm also kind of annoyed that we are probably the only educational establishment in Edinburgh that has stayed open all week - mostly just because I want to be lazy and then wander into the graden to build a snow rabbit instead of wading through a foot of snow to the bus stop and trekking across town, but a bit because I suspect that the central area has simply forgotten that some of us have to struggle out to KB :)

And I don't like the last week of term. I think that may be all my news.
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