Jen (ylla) wrote,

A weekend miscellany

It has been snowing here again, quite a lot, which is unhelpful as I need to go Christmas shopping. Still, at least if it's lying today the buses might have got used to it by tomorrow.

We made it to Runrig in the end, after a lot of hassle with trying to hunt down the lost tickets and then the people who sold us them having to get them reissued - but it was probably worth it. A good show :)

And the dress problem is kind of sorted out, although I still need to tell Debenhams that I'm sending back their version. Now I just need to work out what to wear it for :)

I don't know if I ever said that I bought the fiddle, but I did, and it's all mine :)
(And then I fell with it on my back and shook all the strings out of tune, and then I broke one, but it's better now.)

I spent a good bit of yesterday afternoon stooging for the RSCDS teaching exams (i.e. pretending to be a class, so they had people to demonstrate on). It was fairly interesting - it's generally interesting to watch other people teach - but I'm never quite sure with these things what is considered good and bad.

Today the post delivered our lost tickets and some lost socks, and I'm going to see The Red Shoes, if I ever make it out of the house.
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